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My name is Bruce Bishop and I am the founder of Big Muddy Motion, LLC.  I started down the road of Big Muddy Motion in 2012 filming in the outdoors for my own personal benefit. As I learned more and more how to film I realized I really enjoyed it and was able to see some of the incredible content that was out there and I wanted to make inspiring videos too. I took a film class and I began working with a few outdoor companies to provide some marketing content in exchange for free products. However, as I grew, I found more opportunities in many other fields 
    For several years I filmed weddings and really enjoyed honing my "run-and-gun" skills. Nothing will keep you sharp like filming a wedding full of moments that you cannot recreate and you only get on chance to get it right. I don't do many weddings these days but really enjoyed my time doing them.
    Currently, Big Muddy Motion has transitioned more into the commercial scene.  Working with companies to tell their story and promote their products continues to pull me in.  Its extremely satisfying to work with companies who have never used professional video as an avenue to promote themselves or their products. I get comments consistently about how much my videos have positively affected people's businesses and I thoroughly enjoy knowing I had a part in helping others become successful.

  There is a lot of canvas still left to paint for Big Muddy Motion and I'm excited to see how it fills in.

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