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Big Muddy Motion has one purpose....  To help others see the world as you want them to. It's predicted that 82% of all internet content consumed is video. If you're not telling your story, its likely someone is doing it for you. A video shouldn't just be about what you see and watch. If we've done our job, not only do you see our final films but you feel them, you feel different after watching them. The world is full of beauty, color, motion, and emotion and when you watch a video it should make you feel like you are living it. Like you can FEEL it. Whether its the employees that make your business run, your customers, or your products, you want the world to come along on your adventure and since you can't bring everyone along we're here to help them...... #FEELTHEMOTION

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FAA Commercially Licensed Drone Operator





 Columbia, MO

Tel: 573-214-1462


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